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Day 3 - Wednesday, May 20 (Paintball War on top of Ace)

Oh dear, it looks like that Truth Virus that was making it’s rounds on everyone’s ships finally made its way inland to the Island. Also, you remember all that snow from yesterday? YEAH IT MELTED AND NOW EVERYTHING IS FLOODED. Watch for piranha! Maybe you should have learned those paddle strokes back in scouts, huh?

Ace – 20 D. + porn mag of manly women
Gokudera – 20 D. + Picture book of Tsuna sleeping
Fujiko – 10 D. + Super Soaker with Cyan ink inside
Gintoki – 10 D. + This week’s Shonen Jump Magazine
Rukia – 10 D. + First aid kit in a fanny pack with bunnies printed on it
Richard – 10 D. + Nathan’s Emo 8-tracks (Panic at the Disco, Dashboard Confessional etc.)
Al - 10 D. + Polishing kit
Reborn 10 D. + 1 wheelbarrow
Sunako 10 D. + One of those costume knives where the blade retracts into the hilt when you stab people with it.

Anyone who replied to posts ten times or more get 5 D.

Nanami and Sunako swap bodies for the day.
Robin - Attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)
Chrome – Compulsive Talking Disorder (with Tourette Syndrome… the kind with the swearing)
Killua - Panic Disorder

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