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Day 4 - Thursday, May 21 (Paintball War)

We're still continuing this. You might want to add (Paintball War) in your subject line in case there are people who would prefer to skip those posts.

Most of the flooding has gone down, but it’s pretty puddly everywhere and there’s a chance of scattered rain showers with lightning. What you wouldn’t give for rubber boots right now! Of course, for some reason, clothing type items including shoes seem to be disintegrating! The only thing that seems to stay are the bed sheets on your bed, but as soon as they leave the cabin, c'est la vie, byebye! You may be able to cover up with some banana tree leaves, but just some fair warning, most tend to cause itching and rashes! Oh by the way, the Truth Virus, yeah, ya still got that too.

Everyone who posted gets 20 D. Even if you buy clothes with them, they'll disintegrate. If you replied more than 10 times, 10 D. for you! This time you may punish yourselves if you'd like! Have fun. We'll do something more in depth for you all tomorrow to make up for laziness tonight.
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