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Subject Line: Welcome to the Sweet Death Fleet (SDF/Vongola) Updated 6/24

We are the most diverse crew in Marshmallow Mateys and proud of it! Allow me to provide you with some information about our fleet you might find useful! Please bookmark this because it is basically your one stop shop for information!

The Vessels

  • One large submarine known as the SDII - This is the main SDF vessel, this is where everyone lives. It has a galley, rec room, bridge/helm lounge, ammunition storage compartment, torpedo compartment, pump room, engine room and 50 rooms/sleeping quarters. Gifted by Hisoka.

  • One Mini Submarine known as the SD-Mini - This is an exploration vessel, it can be taken out to pick up or drop off people and borrowed for whatever you may need it for, just drop a note!

  • The SDSchooner – This is Jyabura’s old ship and mainly used as a bait ship. It used to be inhabited by zombies. There are 6 rooms on board and a small galley.

  • Two helicopters – Both stolen from the S.S. Haruhi.

  • The Vongola famiglia currently travels with the SDF and while they are separate, all crew members in each group are free to travel between ships as they please. The captain of the Vongola is Tsuna Sawada (captain_dame).

Sweet Death Crew

Fuuko Spirit lovestarfish

  • starfish

  • moar starfish

  • carving starfish from wood

  • amazing vanishing from memories skills =(

Fujiko Thief/Assassin doubleppk

  • guns

  • stealth

  • driving/navigating

  • spying, being nosey

  • tends to bable

Jyabura Ex-government Assassin agent_wolf

  • brute strength

  • wolf logia

  • no qualms with necessary killing

  • several assassin techniques

Lambo Child Assassin, several ages (usually 6 years old) sstolerate

Currently traveling with America

  • 06 several weapons on persona at all times

  • 06 difficult to control

  • 16 good teamwork with Ipin

  • 16 excellent janitorial work

  • 26 reliable fighter

  • 26 calm thinker

Mashiro Vizard flatlikeawall

  • swords

  • reaping

  • strength of both a soul reaper and a hollow

Orpherus Prince justice_forall

  • swords/fencing

  • sense of justice/idealism

  • artist

  • N-A-I-V-E

Rosette Saint saint_rosette

  • Stigmata wounds that hold great power

  • guns

  • glutton

  • simple minded and friendly

Silver Telekinetic Time Traveler kineticjustice

  • Tends to carry the whole world on his shoulders

  • Gullible/Naïve

  • Insecure/Clingy

Toboe Wolf onewithwild

  • good listener

  • knowledge of herbs

  • above average sense of smell

  • speed, stamina, energetic, fighting skills

Vongola Crew

Bianchi Assassin cookingislove

  • poison cooking

  • 3 hour delay poison cooking

  • hopelessly devoted to Reborn

Chrome Vongola Mist Guardian organlesschrome

  • illusions

  • trident

Colonello Arcobaleno/Tutor bangkorabang

  • weapons expert

  • sniper rifle

  • rain attribute

Fay World Traveler butwhenyousmile

  • quick on his feet (more like CRAZY DODGING SKILLS really)

  • cooking skills

  • extreme flamboyance

  • powerful magic (but damn if you will ever see him using it)

Gokudera Vongola Storm Guardian bakudan_shounen

  • explosives expert

  • mathematical genius

  • storm attribute

  • hopelessly devoted to Tsuna

  • box weapon (Uri)

Lal Mirch Part Arcobaleno/CEDEF member/Tutor segnato

  • combat

  • teaching

  • artillery (missiles)

  • mist, cloud, rain attribute

  • box weapons (centipedes)

Reborn Hitman/Tutor/Arcobaleno chameleongun

  • guns

  • assassination

  • weapons

  • hand to hand combat

  • Leon

Tsuna 10th Vongola Mafia Boss captain_dame

  • sky flame

  • dying will flame

  • x gloves

  • box weapon (Nuts)

Yamamoto Vongola Rain Guardian yakyuu_baka

  • katana hidden in a shinai

  • sword style of Shigure Souen Ryu

  • rain attribute

  • loves baseball

  • box weapon (swallow)

Things you’ll probably need to know!

The SDF does not have a permanent Captain, quite honestly it works pretty well without one. Every now and then there are Captain Rotations where everyone gets to be captain for a week. Gon and Killua used to spearhead most things when leadership was needed because they were the original creators of the Sweat Death. They've handed spearheading duties over to Jyabura and Fujiko.

The SDF has both a Flag and a Pirate Song!

The SDFlag includes attributes of the first three members. The scar for Mello (shiftyblonde), chocolate bar for Mello and Killua(caffinatekillua)and Gon's(janken_gon) fishing pole. We only fly it rare occasions in order to stay under the radar. The flag is located on the SDSchooner since it can’t really go on a submarine!

The SD Pirate Song includes most of the members from the second ship, we may update it someday with new members when we’re not feeling lazy, feel free to submit a verse for yourself!

You may be traveling with wanted criminals! Here is a list of crew members with wanted posters:

Gon & Killua

History of the Sweet Death

The name Sweet Death: It originally was coined by the first Mello (shiftyblonde) in MM who is no longer with us.
Think "death by chocolate", it really doesn't have any evil undertones, they added on Death so it would be pirate-y. The majority of our members also have a sweet tooth.

The first SD ship was commandeered by Killua and Gon (he thought it was just borrowed) It was actually a cruise ship called "Royal Caribbean Independence of the Seas" And it had a rock climbing wall, several pools and one of those wave runner things, however, it got a little too much attention from Marines so in order to take themselves off the radar (a plot created by Mello (shiftyblonde), they blew up the ship and sunk it as a diversion while they snuck off to a clipper ship.

AKA Sweet Death the first. The Sweet Death only lasted for about a month as the crew was infected with a virus. Richard’s (slaughterurwrld) was particularly bad as it changed his fire spells from demolishing to improving, ice spells to "Miracle Grow" water spells and his necromancy to bring things back to life. Suffice to say, it really pissed him off and he grew a GIANT tree that ended up anchoring the ship to the bottom of the ocean and created a giant jungle all over it rendering it completely useless. The ship is now a small island that is constantly singing Disney tunes.

The Sweet Death II is the current ship/submarine, information found under 'vessels'.

America's (Alfred F. Jones)(herotoyouall) Battle Ship – USS Freedom was a part of the SDF for a couple of months before he took off on his own.

History of the Vongola

Vongola Ship the First – The ship, sadly, did not last very long at all, as a matter of fact Gokudera (heytenth) and Yamamoto (swordinabat) got into a fight and bombed the ship before they even set sail!

Vongola Ship the Second/The Cavallone Yacht (Dino’s [piratewhip] Ship) – There was something about Dino’s (piratewhip) GIANT bed and some happenings that cannot be mentioned so Gokudera (heytenth) bombed the ship because it was impure (but really it was Hibari [bite2death] who sunk it giving full credit to Gokudera [heytenth]).

Vongola Ship the Third – A ship the Vongola group found abandoned near the island they took up refuge after the sinking of the Cavallone Yacht. After docking at a new island, Ryohei (extremepirate) "ULTIMATELY FORGOT TO PUT OUT THE CAMPFIRE I HAD LIT UP BEFORE and since there wasn't anyone else left on the ship IT BLEW UP IN AN EXTREME EXPLOSION".

Vongola Ship the Forth – Built by the shipwright Franky (cutty_flam), Spanner (moscaspirate) and other volunteers with reinforcements so it wouldn’t be as easy to sink.

The Vongola also managed to remove other things from existence.

Help us keep things organized!

  • Reply to this post if you’re planning on having your character join a different crew, this way we can make sure our lists are updated properly for new members. You are welcome to come and go as you please. We don’t force anyone to stay with our crew forever and as you play the game and your character grows you may find yourself wanting to join another crew. Go for it! We want you to have fun!

  • Let us know if we’re missing members on our list, something is spelled wrong, you want to add a new bullet point to your character’s abilities, there’s anything else you think we should add to this post, etc.

  • Reply to this post if you’ve recruited a new member for the crews so I can add them into the filter. Be sure they’re definitely being picked up by either the SDF or the Vongola.

  • Help me fill in the blanks for your characters. If they have an ability they don’t want people to know be sure to add that it’s not to be known. I will probably revoke the unknown if everyone finds out about it though!

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