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janken_gon's Journal

Gon Freecss
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When Gon was young he met a man named Kite who told him his father was not only alive but he was one of the world’s greatest ‘Hunters’. Gon decided that, in order to find his father, he too would have to become a hunter.

Gon is sweet, trusting, stubborn, gullible, and naïve. To put it simply, Gon is ‘simple-minded’. If you told him there was a thirty-foot tall, green, hairy, three-eyed monster behind him in the middle of a busy city, he might just believe you (maybe more than once). He is almost always able to focus on the positive traits of those around him, completely ignoring the existence of, or accepting the negative ones. He trusts everyone with the exception of those who have pulled the wool over his eyes too many times, or those within whom he senses a true evil. Being so open minded and trusting might be his best quality or his worst trait, making him an incredibly easy target for others. It is Killua who usually has to act as Gon’s voice of reason in order to keep him out of quite a bit of trouble or danger.

Gon has animal-like instincts and can hold his own when fighting or surviving. However, Gon is not the smartest fish in the lake, especially when it comes to crunching numbers, following complicated instructions, or in complex situations. While others might sit and analyze something for hours, Gon just scrapes the top of the subject, sometimes pointing out simple themes or logic that others might miss. He enjoys making friends with just about anyone he meets. Gon is well liked by most animals and enjoys camping, fishing, and exploring. He is very well versed in these areas because of how isolated he was growing up on Whale Island.