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We are the most diverse crew in Marshmallow Mateys and proud of it! Allow me to provide you with some information about our fleet you might find useful! Please bookmark this because it is basically your one stop shop for information!

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Guys! Guys?

Something about cool stars and light a ton of times the solar luminosity is what kind of a star?

Anyone know the answer? And they keep yelling at me because I'm not forming my answers like questions, I don't get it, aren't I supposed to be answering questions not making more?

And who's this guy who keeps insulting my Mom? He's kind of a jerk.

Paintball Prizes!

Team Pewter – Sunako, Killua, Lal Mirch, Al
Get a treasure chest (found by Gon and Killua) filled with treasure to divide among the team.

Team Cyan – Chrome, Gokudera, Mokona, Fujiko, Gon
Each get a GIANT utility knife

Team Amber – Nanami, Rukia, Miranda, Dino
Each get a sponge mic

Team Chartreuse – Ace, Richard, Ipin and Yamamoto
Each receive a pair of roach slippers.

Team Magenta – Poland, Gintoki, Tsuna, Mashiro and Robin
Each receive a pacman hat

Everyone can keep their paintball guns! Thanks for playing guys we had a lot of fun!!
Are you crying yet? Cheer up, at least the sky seems to have cleared up today and you had a really fun night with all that goopy food! Still no clothes, but luckily the Truth Virus has passed (it may resurface after the game if you leave on a ship with people who are still infected). The monkeys have assembled and are waging war to take back their island... or at least anything you might have left on you, laptops, your guns, your hair. Maybe shooting them will help... a bit, they are undead monkeys after all. Game ends at midnight and winners and good sports go home with prizes!

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Day 4 - Thursday, May 21 (Paintball War)

We're still continuing this. You might want to add (Paintball War) in your subject line in case there are people who would prefer to skip those posts.

Most of the flooding has gone down, but it’s pretty puddly everywhere and there’s a chance of scattered rain showers with lightning. What you wouldn’t give for rubber boots right now! Of course, for some reason, clothing type items including shoes seem to be disintegrating! The only thing that seems to stay are the bed sheets on your bed, but as soon as they leave the cabin, c'est la vie, byebye! You may be able to cover up with some banana tree leaves, but just some fair warning, most tend to cause itching and rashes! Oh by the way, the Truth Virus, yeah, ya still got that too.

Everyone who posted gets 20 D. Even if you buy clothes with them, they'll disintegrate. If you replied more than 10 times, 10 D. for you! This time you may punish yourselves if you'd like! Have fun. We'll do something more in depth for you all tomorrow to make up for laziness tonight.
Oh dear, it looks like that Truth Virus that was making it’s rounds on everyone’s ships finally made its way inland to the Island. Also, you remember all that snow from yesterday? YEAH IT MELTED AND NOW EVERYTHING IS FLOODED. Watch for piranha! Maybe you should have learned those paddle strokes back in scouts, huh?

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Chatroom: mmpaintball
If you can't join chat at least be sure to post to entries and drop some ideas here!

Day 2 - Tuesday, May 19 (Paintball War)

It is around 6:00AM when suddenly 4 feet of snow dumps down on the island. Not in a flurry, more like a "WHUMP" when you dislodge the snow from your roof by accident. Maybe you should stop by the trading post and see if the shop keeper will loan you a jacket. He may make you do the funky chicken dance or even shoot yourself with a paintball for his own amusement. If the jacket is destroyed, you’ll probably regret it. You might want to learn how to make snow shoes too! (15 doubloons will buy you a warm jacket, 10 will buy you a blanket, 5 will get you a stack of firewood, any less and he’ll just laugh at you and make you do the aforementioned silly things on top of whatever doubloons you managed to scrape together.)

The Island is pretty impressed with the amusement it has had the first day; it’s ready to dole out some rewards. No punishments for today. Thank you to those who played! We look forward to seeing more people post tomorrow!

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Also, the next four days, we’ll be using an AIM chatroom for paintball plotting. Everyone is welcome to join in: "mmpaintball"! See you there! You can still use email, LJ and THIS POST for plotting as well, but don’t forget to reply to people’s posts!

Day 1 - Monday, May 18 (Paintball War)

Welcome to the Paintball War.

This will probably be the longest post for the game, so I'll lj cut it. Be sure to read everything because this is going to be quite different from the regular parties you're used to.

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If you have any questions at all, feel free to ask me here, pm me through lj, or im me on aim (gonjanken), or do the same with Killua (caffinatekillua) 'cause he knows how it goes too. =D  We would both be more than happy to answer your questions!

Feel free to change the subject line to whatever you want.  I don't use g-mail, so it all just goes to my normal inbox and I don't care if you change subject lines or not.  Have fun!

We are using the chatroom "mmpaintball" for our plotting needs.  Everyone is welcome to join it!

Paintball x Game x Don't Forget to Sign Up!

Hey guys! I hope everyone who's coming to the paintball war are getting in some good training before Monday! If you haven't already, be sure to drop us a note so we can assign you to a team!

Killua and I are almost finished akwiring everything for the game. There's more paint balls than you can shake a cane at!

We are the most diverse crew in Marshmallow Mateys and proud of it!  Allow me to provide you with some information about our fleet you might find useful!  Please bookmark this because it is basically your one stop shop for information! 

The VesselsCollapse ) Sweet Death CrewCollapse ) Vongola CrewCollapse ) Things you’ll probably need to know!Collapse )
History of the Sweet Death Collapse ) Help us keep things organized!Collapse )
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