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Day 2 - Tuesday, May 19 (Paintball War)

It is around 6:00AM when suddenly 4 feet of snow dumps down on the island. Not in a flurry, more like a "WHUMP" when you dislodge the snow from your roof by accident. Maybe you should stop by the trading post and see if the shop keeper will loan you a jacket. He may make you do the funky chicken dance or even shoot yourself with a paintball for his own amusement. If the jacket is destroyed, you’ll probably regret it. You might want to learn how to make snow shoes too! (15 doubloons will buy you a warm jacket, 10 will buy you a blanket, 5 will get you a stack of firewood, any less and he’ll just laugh at you and make you do the aforementioned silly things on top of whatever doubloons you managed to scrape together.)

The Island is pretty impressed with the amusement it has had the first day; it’s ready to dole out some rewards. No punishments for today. Thank you to those who played! We look forward to seeing more people post tomorrow!

You can use your doubloons the trading post and the soda machine. Whatever you buy make it believable with the amount you have been gifted.

Tsuna: 15 doubloons that fall on his head and wake him up at 5:59am and mittens for the snow that say 72 (obviously just normal mittens).
Sunako: 12 doubloons that she finds in her breakfast and a pair of tinted snow goggles.
Nanami: 10 doubloons that spray out of the shower at her. And a designer snow jacket.
Ipin: 10 doubloons that show up in a new pair of snow boots at the foot of her bed.
Reborn: 8 doubloons and night vision binoculars (he's also allowed to stay in Sprawling Flatt)
Killua: 5 doubloons and two long sticks
Ace: 5 doubloons and a box of matches
Gon: 5 doubloons and Queens Greatest Hits on two cd's
Rukia: 5 doubloons and earmuffs that look like bunny ears
Yamamoto: 5 doubloons
Gokudera: 5 doubloons
Mashiro: 5 doubloons
Dino: 3 doubloons
Fujiko: 3 doubloons
Richard: 2 doubloons

Also, the next four days, we’ll be using an AIM chatroom for paintball plotting. Everyone is welcome to join in: "mmpaintball"! See you there! You can still use email, LJ and THIS POST for plotting as well, but don’t forget to reply to people’s posts!
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