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Day 5 - Friday, May 22 (Paintball War, Last Day)

Are you crying yet? Cheer up, at least the sky seems to have cleared up today and you had a really fun night with all that goopy food! Still no clothes, but luckily the Truth Virus has passed (it may resurface after the game if you leave on a ship with people who are still infected). The monkeys have assembled and are waging war to take back their island... or at least anything you might have left on you, laptops, your guns, your hair. Maybe shooting them will help... a bit, they are undead monkeys after all. Game ends at midnight and winners and good sports go home with prizes!


Killua – 30 D. & a paintball slingshot
Gintoki – 30 D. & a carton of strawberry milk
Rukia – 30 D. & A giant stuffed bunny (her height)
Al – 25 D. & Gets his body back for the day (no clothes)
Dino – 25 D. & a see-through sumo costume (won’t hurt to fall but does no good at covering anything)
Ipin – 20 D. & Soap on a Rope, can be worn as a necklace & a tiny Ipin-sized Gun
Ace – 20 D. & his hat returned and not disintegrating & a bottle of Rum
Fujiko – 25 D. & a batman utility belt
Mashiro – 20 D. & an “I participated” medallion and her favorite food for dinner
Gon – 20 D. & A desktop pet that tells him how to do computery things.
Nanami 20 D. & shampoo & conditioner
Robin – 15 D. & A telescope case with a very old map (written in Sanskrit) inside
Sunako 15 D. & a box of fine chocolate
Reborn – 15 D. & rope
Poland -15 D. & A pretty hair bow
Lal Mirch – 15 D. & sunscreen
Tsuna – 15 D. & gets a paintball pistol & massage oil
Gokudera – 15 D. & best friend rings


Tsuna now gets magnetized to anyone who comes within 3 feet of him.
Rukia gets a worse case of "Keyword Paralysis", she freezes every time she sees or hears the word "paint", effects last 1 minute each time.
Lal Mirch has abandonment issues. She should not want to be five feet farther away from someone else at all times. She should feel the need to hug people who try to leave her behind.
Ipin gets OCD and has to only take an even amount of steps. She has to take a shower or wash up in a stream every time she gets paint on her.
Gintoki gets possessed by Paulina.
Sunako gets possessed by Fiona.
Gon - Oppositional Defiant Disorder
Fujiko – will discover the F and L key are missing from her keyboard. (find and replace will be a useful function in text pad)
Reborn – Gets the Magic Tiki Statue (go here for details.)
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