Gon Freecss (janken_gon) wrote,
Gon Freecss

Paintball Prizes!

Team Pewter – Sunako, Killua, Lal Mirch, Al
Get a treasure chest (found by Gon and Killua) filled with treasure to divide among the team.

Team Cyan – Chrome, Gokudera, Mokona, Fujiko, Gon
Each get a GIANT utility knife

Team Amber – Nanami, Rukia, Miranda, Dino
Each get a sponge mic

Team Chartreuse – Ace, Richard, Ipin and Yamamoto
Each receive a pair of roach slippers.

Team Magenta – Poland, Gintoki, Tsuna, Mashiro and Robin
Each receive a pacman hat

Everyone can keep their paintball guns! Thanks for playing guys we had a lot of fun!!
Tags: ooc, paintball, prizes
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