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Hey guys! I found a neat link that tells you how to set up your ship by putting everyone's names in. Here's the suggestion for the SDII! What do you guys think?!

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Everyone can do their ship here!


GUYS GUYS!! This is the best week ever! I found out I’m magical! I keep thinking about stuff and it just shows up!!!!1!!

Ask me for anything!1!! It’s awesome!1!!!1!1 You’ll seee!!1!1111

Hey Killua, Ging wants to meet you!1!!!!!!11


Captain x Sunken Treasure x R&R

Hey guys, I’ve been thinking about my captainship for this week all day. Since last time we mainly trained, I think this time we should have some fun. I did some exploring around the island’s shores the other day and visited a rocky area that looks like a ship graveyard so I thought we could go sunken treasure hunting this week. We’ve got a few scuba sets that everyone can share and there are some wrecks that you can visit without the gear.

How about we all have a picnic every day too! Tsuna's crew is invited as well!

Fun x Games x Fort

Good work everyone! The Sweet Death Fort has been completed! We can all camp out in it for the next few days! I think it's time for some of Akito-san's cakes!

Thanks for letting us use some of your fabric Giselle-san!

Pirates x Trading x Open

YARHAR! <--Click! It's fun!

Killua and I went diving again today and found some stuff. The following items are open for trade! We still have some left over from the last time but it’s been a while, so I’ll post them again.

• 1 stuffed crows (1/2 sold)
A small wooden chest, unopened
• A red plastic twisty straw in a heart shape
2 flower pots shaped like elephants (different sizes)
• A Bowling Ball (neon green)
• A pair of pants (Levi 520 size 32x30)
A locker with a nameplate D. Jones
• A little plastic guy with a tall red hat and a trowel and a long white beard
• 6 spoons (3/9 sold)
• A sealed bag of candy corn
• A Frying pan
A Broken compass (box shaped)
• A Bear-skin rug
A creepy doll
A snow globe with a robbery taking place inside
• A vending machine of fine china
• A rubber duck

Back Home x New Crew x Who’s Captain?

The SDII submarine is now in pristeen condition thanks to Kalifa-san before she left. SD-Mini looks good to go. The schooner is nearly cleared of the zombies and ghosts. Fran-san… the girl one, we have some parts you might want to check out and see if you can find anything useful.

Welcome all new members to the Sweet Death Crew! I believe the new people are Fran-san and Fran-san, Dino-nii, Romario-san, and Dino-nii's men and his turtle Enzio, and we also have Nate, Mello-san’s cat. Did I miss anyone? Well need some people to join the cooking crew since we picked up so many new members.

Also, what did everyone want to do about the SD Captain? Should we rotate captainships again or should we pick a permanent captain? Any nominashons?

Sparring x Learning x Daily Life

This has been a pretty incredible week or so on the new ship. I get to spar with Hunny-san every morning. I’m going to see if he wants to do the weight training Kurapika, Leorio and I did over at Killua’s groundkeepers’ house.

After the sparring and breakfast, I meet up with Spanner-san who has been teaching me a ton of stuff about fixing things around the boat and other mechanical stuff and how to use a ton of different tools. Sometimes he gets carried away and he gets lost in his work but it’s interesting enough for me to be able to sit closely and watch without bothering him too much.

Today I’m going to ask Reborn-san to train me in the evenings after dinner. I’m soooooooooooo winning this bet, Killua.

Ipin is having a ton of fun steering and even though we seem to be bumping into things, there isn’t any damage to the ship. I have noticed it only happens when I see another boat on the horizon. So you should be aiming toward the other ships, okay Ipin? Just don't get too close if it doesn't work one of these times. Everyone seems to enjoy listening to Usopp-san spin some tales after dinner, so that's pretty fun too.

Oh, Jyabura-san, Mello-san told me that Smoker-san and Benny-san have been smoking on the submarine, could you tell them to only smoke outside when you’re surfaced? When we get back, Matt-san isn’t allowed to smoke inside either, actually, he should actually quit. Maybe I’ll help him quit while we’re on this ship too.
Okay, I think I know what happened here. This must have been when Killua and I were trying to wrestle Lambo's bazooka from him ten years ago. I guess it's still malfunctioning because it has definitely been more than five minutes; actually it’s been an hour to be precise.

I’ve been reading back through my old journal to figure out the current time line and it looks like it’s my week to be captain. I know I look a little different and I apologize for this. I do, however, still plan to work hard as your captain for as long as I’m here, so bear with me until I return to normal. Ah, Killua looks a little different as well so please be prepared for that.

I'm Captain x Rules x Warning

♦1♦ Everyone is to meet in the Galley at 7:00 AM sharp! We will begin with a light breakfast and then stretch out before starting morning exercises.

♦2♦ Killua and Shinku-chan have to be nice and polite to each other while I’m Captain. “Please” and “Thank you” are good places to start.

♦3♦ Matt-san can only play video games for two hours a day, he should come out of his cabin and socialize with the rest of the crew.

♦4♦ Prince Bellfagore-san will be joining up with our crew. Does anyone know if he has other skills other than baking snicker doodles? Lucci-san assures me we’ll be picking him up sometime tomorrow morning.

♦5♦ Hisoka must be fully clothed at all times and is not allowed to hug anyone.

♦6♦ Cookie-Monster-san must eat fruit with his cookies at lunch and vegetables with his cookies at dinner. Honda-chan, if you can find ways to cook the vegetables to something that would suit Monster-san’s tastes that would be good.

♦7♦ Afternoon training will start at 3:00 pm and we will go until 5 or 6. Shinku-chan and Honda-chan should stay for an hour for some light training. Dinner should be at 6:30. Lunch will be at noon. Free times are 10-12, 1-3.

♦8♦ We will be playing games together every evening after dinner! I found some board games, a few decks of cards and a game called “Apples to Apples”, everyone look forward to it!

♦9♦ I can’t remember where everyone was stationed, so if you’re an SDF member, post here and tell me your position and the things you’ve been working on, found or accomplished.

♦10♦ We need to recruit a new doctor or figure out who knows the most medical stuff on our current crew until we get a new one.

I think that’s it for now! If I think of more rules I’ll let everyone know. I hope I can be a good captain for you this week. Let's work hard and play hard together!

Also, stay away from the ‘SD Ghost Ship’ for now. It looks like without Richard around they’re no longer under our control.

Quiet x Missing x People

It's been a pretty relaxing week after the games from Eriol-san's captainship.

Speaking of which, has anyone seen Richard? I looked in his normal spot in the torpedo launcher shaft but he wasn't there. Wasn't he supposed to be captain last week?